ts what needs changing around your

he cosmos highlights what needs changing around your sense of self-worth and self-confidence when it comes to opening up in love. You will get help to channel your feelings into a better outlet. Numbers 9 and 12 and alphabets B, D and P are lucky for you. Yellow colour will ease your mind and Jupiter rules your sign.


Capricorn, will be more vulnerable today than usual

The universe is urging you to evolve in a new capacity. The current phase will find you more vulnerable than usual. Any pent up emotions around intimacy will be released. A chance to enact long-lasting changes will be offered in close partnerships. Luck will be on your side with alphabets K and J. Numbers 10 and 11 and deep colours will assist you as Saturn rules your sign.


An emotional day for Aquarius

You will get help from the energy in the planet to breathe new life into your ongoing relationship story. Your attention will be demanded by the emotional give-and-take you do with others. Any tensions needed acknowledging will offer opportunities to wipe the slate clean. Alphabets G and S and numbers 10 and 11 will support you. Saturn rules your sign as deep colours will be lucky for you.


Colour yellow will guide Pisces as Jupiter rules your sign

If you don’t kick yourself into action, you can’t make your dreams happen. If you’re not careful, you will get locked into a world of harmless, lazy fantasies. You will get help to acknowledge obstacles in the way of your ambitions. Numbers 9 and12 and alphabets D, C, J and T will be lucky for you. Colour yellow will guide you as Jupiter rules your sign.