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g how everyone will be mesmerized by the tree, Kumar says, “Such a thing has never happened on the show across the globe. It is a fantastic first. We were also surprised with the idea that the tree is going to talk, but once it materialised, everything fell in place. It looks really beautiful in the night.”

The jungle area has hardly any place to sleep for the contestants. Just one double bed and one single bed has been provided which will make it interesting as contestants will have to fight their way out for every comfort. A small kitchen area is provided with just a stove which is expected to test the survival skills of the inmates.

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As one crosses the jungle area, they enter the main house. This year, along with the unmistakable presence of constantly glaring eyes of BB, another feature of the house is it is covered in lively hues and the jungle theme gets continued. Festooned with magnificent animal motifs, prints, paintings, and floral wallpapers, the non-jungle part of the house gives a vibrant and youthful atmosphere.

A giant flamingo structure built in the middle of the living room leaves you bewildered.

The kitchen area has always been a center of attention for the contestants. It has always been the place of action and drama. It is usually the kitchen politics that gives a major twist to each season, with many of these contestants eyeing the title of ‘Kitchen King’ or Kitchen Queen’. The kitchen has an uber-modern look with the versatile Fornasetti’s art prints coupled with crystals and lights.

The living room is the only place where all the contestants come together. It can be called the most dreaded hot seat for the most-awaited weekend segment when star-host Salman Khan sits them down to school. Besides, this is the place where the tasks are read out, arguments take flight. Right in the middle of the living room is a huge crown-shaped chandelier with velvet finish sofas. The walls across have large-sized installations of false tiger busts. The walls across have large-sized